Slim Shady is back with his highly anticipated new single, ‘Walk on Water’ and to make an even bigger splash (pardon the pun), he’s enlisted the help of the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce on the track!

On ‘Walk on Water’, Eminem gets very reflective on his career and addresses how he felt people were waiting for his downfall, and doubted he could come back with the same notorious Eminem fire in his lyrics.

In his usual style, Eminem is defiant as he raps, “No matter what bars I come with you’re gonna harp / That’s a hard vicoden to swallow / So I scrapped these / As pressure increases, like khaki’s / I feel the ice cracking.”

Beyonce sings on the chorus, I walk on water / But I know Jesus / I walk on water / But only when it freezes.”

Earlier in the week, Eminem had teased his new single with a few posts on his Twitter page…



Em made news last month at the BET Hip Hop Awards by tearing US President Donald Trump apart in a cypher. In case you missed that, check it out below.



Take a listen to the new single from Eminem, ‘Walk on Water’ in the video above (or stream it below) and let us know what you think!

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