The internet is an interesting place to say the least, and definitely the place where people share alllllll of their opinions.

The latest unpopular opinion from the Twitter world is that, no, you can’t dance to Fleetwood Mac‘s music.



Twitter user @bottledfleet had this to say about that opinion, which is where this story really begins.



Now that video right there serves SERIOUS proof you can dance to Fleetwood Mac.

In fact, Billboard noted that this meme sent “Dreams” skyrocketing to #14 on Billboard’s Top 100 Hot Rock Songs chart and nudged the album Rumours, on which “Dreams” appears, up a bit from #21 to #13 on Billboard’s Top Rock Albums chart!

And what’s even more impressive is the huge spike the song has gotten in streams and downloads! According to Nielsen, its latest tracking for the week of March 23 to 29 showed the song was purchased and downloaded around 2,000 times (a 36% increase) and also saw around 1.9 MILLION streams (a 24% increase)!

So the next time you want to argue that you can’t dance to Fleetwood Mac… Just know you’re absolutely wrong.


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