Earth Day – a day to celebrate the earth and all it’s glory and to maybe be reminded that hey, I could probably do a thing or two to reconnect with nature and help out the environment!

I did a little digging, and there’s a TON of things you can do to help out, that don’t take very much effort, and totally make a difference!


  1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! – Don’t do it already? NOW is a great time to start!
  2. Carpool/Walk/Ride a Bike/ Swim (?) to work, to school, and reduce the amount of vehicles on the road!
  3. Switch to e-billing! C’mon it’s 2018, get your utility companies to email you the bill DIRECTLY! Less paperwork is best paperwork!
  4. Plant a Tree or two… 20 years from now that thing will be giving off tons of clean oxygen for our kids!
  5. Get Yo Green Thumb Ready – plan to plant your own garden this year! I did last year, and gotta say you feel pretty accomplished when you harvest your own fruits and veggies for dinner!
  6. And lastly….


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