Tacos & fancy dresses? Perfection.

Riley Papile and Abby Creneti have only been dating for five months, but they know how important tacos are in a relationship.

So much of that not only was the couples “promposal” Taco Bell inspired:



But the two also took their photos at the establishment!

It started when the couple wanted to find an unforgettable photographic way to remember their prom together. Initially they wanted their photographer, Rachel Beck to take images of them at different locations in their hometown of Horsham, Pennsylvania but Riley explained to Teen Vogue that they soon realized Rachel had other plans.

“It was Rachel’s idea to go to Taco Bell. Well, it was my idea to go because I was hungry but then Rachel revealed that she was planning to surprise us with a Taco Bell photo shoot.”

Riley admitted that the couple had been to the Taco Bell several times on dates, so it was the perfect place to commemorate the occasion.



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