Servers, steer clear of these tables.

According to a new survey from, millennials are officially America’s worst tippers. One in 10 say they usually don’t leave any tip for restaurant servers, versus 3% of people from older generations. Nearly one in five Millennials (18%) do not leave any money in transactions involving pre-inputted tip amounts (cabs and ride-hailing services, coffee shops, etc.) — compared with 12% of older folks.

Matt Schulz, senior industry analyst at, told Moneyish:

“In some ways, it’s not surprising at all because of the well-documented financial struggles of millennials. Whether it’s struggling to get their feet under them career-wise, or student loan debt, or any of myriad other reasons. On the flip side, the typical restaurant worker is a millennial. So in some ways, it seems a bit self-defeating.”



The survey, which consisted of 1000 people, also found the median tip a millennial leaves a server is 15%, 3% less than the overall median of 18%.

But there is a silver lining to all of this — 42% of respondents overall said they tended to tip 20%.

“The days of 15% being the standard tip amount, I think, are in the past,” Schulz said. “We see lots of indications of people edging up closer to 20%, and that’s good news for folks in the service industry.”

Millennials are classified in the 18 to 37 age group — so remember this the next time you’re dining out!