Ah, the most wonderful time of the year – summer break!

Two whole months to hang out with your kids, have some well needed family time, and think up some creative ways to spend the hot summer days. But how long until the fun loving break breaks you?

13 days. After that, parents are done, according to a new survey.

The survey of 2000 parents, conducted by OnePoll for Groupon, found that more than half of parents stress about how to entertain their children over the summer months, and that 75 per cent were ready for their kids to go back to school in September.

Brian Fields of Groupon says:

“Parents love spending time with their kids, but it’s totally normal to experience some stress and anxiety when planning all the fun that you’re going to have together this summer. The parents we interviewed said they’ve found the most success by not overthinking the situation and turning to affordable activities in their local community.”

Don’t know how to keep your kids busy after those 13 days? Luckily, Groupon asked the parents who DON’T stress about what to do with their kids to write down how they keep them busy.

The top activities they listed were: taking them to a local amusement or water park, a movie, the zoo, bowling or camping. When looking for an activity, parents were most concerned about whether it involved quality family time, was cost-effective, would teach the kids something new, balanced fun and culture, and whether it would be something the kids would want to talk about when they went back to school.

Happy Summer vacation! Keep ’em busy, you can do it!

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