Ever find yourself battling with your partner over the temperature in your bedroom?

Well thanks to the SmartDuvet, couples can now program the temperature on each side of the bed, so everyone’s happy whether they like it hot or cold!



The website explains that to achieve a warmer side to your bed, turn on “Warm Mode”. The SmartDuvet uses heated air sent from the control box and distributed evenly throughout your selected side of the bed. The openings in the SmartDuvet layer help eliminate the humidity and keep you dry and warm all night.

As for you who run hot and prefer the bed cooler, the SmartDuvet uses an evaporating cooling system to encourage water to escape the body — which reduces body temperature.

Now if you’re not sold on the SmartDuvet yet – let me also add in that this duvet will make the bed FOR you.



Seriously. Check out all the specs and more reasons why you need to buy the Smartduvet (did I mention it’s pretty affordable?) CLICK HERE!





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