Sounds about right.

A new survey of about 2000 Americans found that the average person thinks about food an average of four times a day and spend 40 minutes per day purely thinking about food. That adds up to more than 240 hours per year OR the equivalent of over 10 whole days!

The survey also found that 2:41PM is the specific time of day where willpower is most tested and cravings strike hardest. Most people admit that these urges are for something sweet, with salty, spicy, savoury and smoky coming close after.

But that’s not it for cravings! 58% of this group admitted once they eat something sweet, they also need something salty and 35% of the group go for salty and spicy (urges you probably struggle with yourself).

So when you see that 2:41PM on the clock, don’t overindulge too much!


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