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Bed-in-a-bag sets, plastic drawer organizers, and photo collages all have their time and place (.. probably circa mid 2000s in college dorm room). Real estate and design experts suggest these things are what every real adult bedroom deserves.

A plant- The greenery brightens up the space and helps purify the air, but if you’re prone to killing plants, there’s no shame in going the faux route.
Floor-length mirror- Aside from helping you give yourself a head-to-toe once-over before you leave home, mirrors are also great for bouncing light to dark corners.
Seating- If you have the room, add a place to sit. A bench or chair in your bedroom gives you someplace to put on shoes, read, or more realistically – store clothes.
Layered bedding- Think luxury hotels and add some extra pillows, pillow shams, and quilts or blankets layered with your duvet for visual appeal, and don’t forget a soft throw blanket on top.
  A headboard- A mattress on the floor screams extended adolescence, and a proper “adult” bedroom needs a proper bed frame and headboard, not just the metal bed frame that came free with the mattress.
Window treatments- These dress up your room and add the privacy you need in a bedroom.
Great lighting- A mix of lamps, bright lights, and even twinkle string lights help provide the lighting you need for reading and getting dressed and set the mood when you’re ready to relax.

Source: Apartment Therapy

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