You may feel anxious, stressed or nervous during these times, and that’s okay.  These are all very normal emotions, and in fact, healthy emotions to feel in a response to what’s been going on in our new world. Being taken out of your daily routine while being physically apart from friends and loved ones is hard.  Many of us are struggling with these changes, but it’s crucial to remember we’re all going through these waves of emotions together.

If you’re feel overwhelmed, there are many resources in your community you can try to help cope with all of the changes.  A few are listed below.


Try these tips at home to help adapt to this new way of living and pausing.

Have a routine. Structure your day with a schedule that enforces good habits. Try to wake-up at a consistent time each day.


Take deep breaths.  Give yourself the permission to pause. Try breathing and stretching exercises.


Call someone you love.  Remember your support team is still out there, so connect with a loved one virtually.


HAVE FUN! Exercise, sing and dance! Play games with anyone in your household or online with your loved ones.  Try learning something new!  You can learn a new language, how to play an instrument, or new cooking skills.  There are lots of new hobbies you can try!  Let’s release those endorphins.


Let the sun shine in! Open your windows because natural sunlight can brighten your mood.


Pay It Forward.  Helping others can fill your heart with warm fuzzy feelings.  Help a neighbour or family relative by dropping off essential supplies.


Stay Informed. Check credible sources for updates, but remember to take breaks.  Being plugged-in to the news all the time can be draining.


Look for the positives.  Share inspiring stories and quotes that make you feel motivated and happy.


Keep your brain working.  Try puzzles, word searches or read a book.